Whether you’re considering trade or partnership, we thank you for checking us out.


This is Candace, she’s the owner of Smallfish Creative, but more than that, she’s a dreamer. For some time now, Candace has dreamt of taking her show on the road along with her family of six. Selling everything, packing up a travel trailer and questing for full-time joy. Why? Because you only live once, and she intends to do that fully, AND she can. Working digitally is a huge gift and Candace doesn’t plan to waste any of it.


As a small business, we appreciate local talent and the hard work of a multi-faceted, face-paced, wearing many hats, keeping all plates spinning, love of your community, a family-centered balancing act that is a small business owner. We get you. We’re there with you.

Whether you need a new or fresh website, social media management, print design, promotion ideas, we’re here for you. And we’re willing to trade to meet some of our needs.

Here they are:
Travel trailer
Outdoor adventure equipment
Technology and services
Small pieces of land (anywhere) bonus if it has utility hookups
Auto mechanics
Anything travel oriented
Anything JOY related (more on that later 😉)


As a marketer, we realize the value of reaching new audiences. Additionally, the best and most efficient way to do that is by partnering with others (influencers) that can reach an audience that you’d like to tap into.

Smallfish Creative plans to take the next year and invest in a new project (more information upon secured request) that will be unlike most other voices in the crowded social world. With times being as they are, a bright light will go a long way. Smallfish is planning to be that light in our new project and we’re excited to dream and plan for a more joyful tomorrow.

Here’s how you could partner with us:
Assist with any of the needs above listed under the Trade section
Sponsor our vehicle while we travel the country
-This would mean you’d be in many outdoor social and web posts
Provide additional essential for the outdoor and travel life
-Fuel and travel expensesDo you own a chain of gas stations?
-Do you own a chain of repair/mechanic shops?
Outdoor gear
-Hiking/climbing gear
Furniture (lightweight of course)

You get the idea. We’ll be traveling to many picturesque places on our adventures, meeting many new faces, hunkering down in one location for 1-3 weeks at a time. Join us as we seek to be a light and bring your brand along with us.